Containing no later caused coloring material.
Traditional women - hand - work. Made of the wool of different sheep.
WHITE wool of white sheep, BLACK wool of black sheep, BROWN wools of brown sheep, GREY wools of the grey sheep...
to threads are converted separately and woven or attached afterwards to carpets.
That means when washing none discolorations and none fade.
WASHING in any way, you like and for wool are usual. The color is thus guaranteed on LIFETIME.
Protection from moths and so on is however necessary!
*** with years the carpet receives silk gloss and wins at flair.
*** the carpet provides for unloading of the STATIC ELECTRICITY, in the human body one collects.
*** it no knots on the back gives there, there is also no wear. In addition the possibility always gives the use as cover (Kelim = woven mat material) in the summer.