A Guide to:  The Legemd of the Golden Maiden 2

When the father came back from Mecca, he was left alone and isolated by the village folk, upen which he decided to kill his daughter. There were even people who threw spoiled eggs at her when she was comming out of her house. For that reason, childres started to call, her as Sarıkız ''Yellow Girl" or Golden Maiden.
When they were leaving the outskirts of the village, the Golden Maiden cursed those people who had wronged her because she was unable to make them believe that what they were doing was mot just. The father and the Golden Girl climbed up the hill as far as the spot which is now the Golden Girl/Maiden summit, and there the father asked the girl to get him some water as soon as possible which he needed for the canonical purity before performing the "mamaz" (the ritual daily worship). But, feeling that the water she had brought him was salty, he asked her for fresh (drinkable) water. When he tasted the pleasant water which she had carried to him at once, he asked Sarıkız, with some suspicion, why she had brought that salty water before. "You were in a hurry, so I got it speedily from the sea!" the daughter replied. The father realized suddenly that his daughter was as innocent as a saint and had reached perfection. He repeated everything, saying, "I made a great mistake not believing you. I now you will forgive me if I beg your forgiveness, but from now on, I haven't got the face to look at you. You better keep waiting for me here ad let me roam about for a while and come back soon." Uttering these words, he left the girl to solitude. After the father got lost from sight, a frightfully black cloud settled upon the mountain. Thinking it right be dangerous, the other shepherds sought shelter for themselves, and when they walked around the place hours after the cloud left the sky,
they came across the dead bodies of the father and the daughter on two separate hills. Burying them there, they built them mausoleums with the stones they gathered. While this event has been thus narrated down from generation to generation, one day the shepherds happened to see a cotton-white cloud lowering down on the Kırklar Semah Düzlüğü: (Kırklar: the forty saints of the Islamic mystician “tasawuf”; Semah: religious music aud whirling; Düzlük: (dülüğü) the plain). Plain for the Whirling of the Forty. Inter preting it to be a bemevolent cloud, they decided to go near it. When they approached it, the cloud opened up into a light mist. Inside the mist, forty persons with long hair and beards started to do “semah” (whirling dance) in a large circle. The shepherds were greatly impressed by what they saw; and when there was a break in the whirling, they started a conversation with then and said, “We liked you a lot. Who are you? Where have you come from and what is your destination?”. There upon, they replied, “We are called the Forty Saints. We are a group of supporters. At this moment, the Turkish arries are about to set foot on Europe. We are going to support them.” It is understood that this eveat coimeided with the year of 1356 in history. With the whirling dance starting once more, the mist also began to thicken! "When it turned into the colour of cotton-white, they got lost flying in the European horizon.
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