A Guide to:  The Legemd of the Golden Maiden 1

Mount Ida ( Baba Dağı)
Upon the death of his wife, Cilbak Baba (cilbak - Çıplak: Naked, bare; here it may mean destitude, powerty-strickem) , a shepherd from the neighbornhood of Ayvacik, arrived at the village of Güre of Edremit, a town in Western Anatolia, (the ancient Adrnyttemos) with his daughter, who was a small child then. From there, he settled, in the village of Kavurmacılar.
He started to lead his life working and toiling as a shepherd for the sheep of a person from the village of Güre. They lived in Kavurmacılar village in the winter and passed their time around Baba (Kaz – Goose) Dağı in the summertime , but Cilbak Baba never let his daughter go away from his side, and not to leave her alone and idle, he got her some geese to pasture (12 in number). And thereafter they climbed up and down the hills together.
Some spiritual effects started the appear in both of them as Cılbak Baba got older and the daughter grew to be a young girl. For instance, they realised it was time to leave for the mountains when they noticed the snake winding itself upon the horn of the ran and likewise they felt it was time to go back to the winter quarters when another snake circled itself around another ram. Similarly, some phenomenal. occurrences were taking place such as when Cılbak Baba, gathering some snow and placing it in a napkin, carried it to his brother Mesci Baba in Istanbul and now seeing the snowmelt while hanging from the ceiling, Mesci Baba warned him, saying, "My father's son, mountain tops are no place for saintliness; collect yourself !" and, as when, upon these words, Cılbak Baba stopped the melting water of the snow,
and when he protected his sheep from the sun and let the enjoy fresh open air only by placing a delicate cloud over the animals unlike the other shepherds, who were building roofs they made from branches for their flocks.
As for the daughter, there was a complaint about her one day when her geese took to the air aad landed on the Bayramiç plain and damaged the summer crop. The father warned the daughter. But she paid she didn't know anything about what had happened, and soon after that incident, she encircled a court for her geese of about one km, in diameter using the stones she had filled into the skirt of her dress. After that, the geese never went outside this court. This place is known as the "Geese Court" today. The Kartalçimen fountain takes place within this court.
Growing older, the father wanted to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca and entrusted his daughter to the family of an "imam" (a religious leader) in the village of Güre. Turing the long period of the pilgrimage, the young men of the village started proposing marriage to the maiden. When she refused these proposals, the .young men of the village considered them selves humiliated and started to invent stories about the girl. In a short time, these comments turned into gossip and alander.
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