Director Alibey Kudar

Born in Tahtakuslar village in 1932. When he was ten years old, he started the primary school in Tahtaköy (Camlibel) and he finished the primary school in his own village, continued Edremit Secondary School for one year and he left from this school.
He joined Savastepe Village Institute. After the Village Institutes are closed, he became Primary teacher as graduate of first teacher school in 1954.
In 1955 he was married with Esma. She has got two sons.
Alibey worked as a teacher for fifteen years in Ayvacik's villages Bektas and Süleyman. Worked as a director of Public Training Centre for one year in Bozcaada. He established Ayvacik Carpet Dealer Cooperative (DOBAG) which is just first of the world while he was working in Süleyman Village. When he went to Havran area be worked as a teacher for one year in Hallaclar Village and worked as a director of Havran Public Training Centre for five years. From this place he was appointed Akcay Primary School as a teacher. After six years he was retired in 1980 and lived in his village.
In his free time makes newspaper correspondent researcher collecting of Turkish Public Music and music work.
He has got ten books that are published and a guide

book that is ready to publish two music books and Turkish Public Music collectings.
After making researches and works with his family that are continued long times he builds a village museum that includes only Turkomans Culture Existence. But because of the number of 2863 law rules it comes into the operation that is name of Tahtakuslar Village Special Etnography Gallery at 10.June 1991. He completes Art Gallery of Selim Turan for making culture and art centre to his village 9. July in 1992. In addition he builds a library in gallery for AR-GE and education 9. September in 1994. In addition Sea Products Department develops from day to day.